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Frequently Asked Questions


What do I need with me to rent?

A government issued driver license or ID and payment for the first month.



Do I have to sign a long term lease?

No, we accept month to month payment.



How can I pay?

Payment is collected in our main office at 1700 Lamy Lane. We accept cash, check, and most credit cards.



Do I need to provide my own lock?

No, when you rent with us you will be given a high quality lock and keys that are yours to keep. We do not keep a copy of the key.



How do I move my items?

Our staff can provide dollies / hand trucks upon request, but we do not offer moving services.



Are there any items I cannot store?

We do not allow storage of illegal or hazardous materials including gasoline. We also do not allow storage of any food items.



Can I give my gate code/keys to others?

Yes, but we do not recommend it. As we do not keep a copy of your lock keys you will be responsible for any access to your stored items.



Can I change my gate code?

Yes, only the person who’s ID has been recorded will be allow to change the gate code in the main office.



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